HEY!!!! Well, I am afraid  there won’t be any blogs for a few weeks as I am changing a few things, you know mixing it up a little because I am such a crazy cat! and I just CAN..

Gone will be this blog and I am replacing it with

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I hope all my followers will join me on my epic new adventure?.. you will see in a few weeks when the holidays are over and life as we know  resumes…

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Gabriella wild seeley

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Blimey I have more titles than the queen…..


Summer Holidays…


Well a jolly hello there, I Hope you are enjoying the wonderfully tropical weather we are having, I certainly am. I am feeling rather laid back and calm..I won’t be in a week or two’s time as the summer holidays are here again. I used to look forward to them so much for the out of routine slow days and getting up and doing what we want vibe. Now it sends shivers down my spine as I know it will be mayhem and arguments galore. Oh what happened to the good old days when the kids were young and carefree and did anything I asked. Not a grumble or moan could be heard! Just went along with everything I suggested and even dare I say it? Enjoyed themselves. I understand kids grow up, way too quickly if you ask me but the once small children that I knew and loved replaced with loud, opinionated and rude rebellious teenagers that are taller and louder than me just isn’t fair. For one I think they should not be allowed to grow until they are at least 16. Then, only then if they have only positive things to say rather than negative. I know it is good yada yada to let the kids have their own interests and opinions, indeed I did bring them up to be this way but the reality of my hippy type values are they just won’t do anything they don’t want to and they stay strong to their values. ‘I reckon we could go on a trip to Brighton for my birthday’, I say the week leading up to my birthday. The looks and mumbles of ‘I don’t wanna’ could be heard from all 3 of the teens mouthes. ‘We get bored there’. ‘I don’t care and it is my birthday?’ came from me! So surely I get the right to choose where we go and surely they just have to suck it up?. Right?.Nope, they are not going unless it is somewhere else. Bloody cheek, just wait til it’s their birthday I won’t be going neither, even if it is somewhere cheap and really good. We can all be fussy can’t we!. Anyway they will be happy to know I have settled on Bournemouth overnight. We have been there before and it is bloody lovely especially with this weather. I can imagine walking along the lovely vast sandy beaches with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face. Walking around the town centre and taking in all what Bournemouth has to offer. Yes a magical calm time I would hope, choosing a little authentic restaurant serving tasty cuisine with friendly waiters and even friendlier prices. We would finish the day with a walk along the beach then off to our cosy little quaint hotel 5 minutes walk away obviously. Who wants to bother with taxis or buses after a whimsical day out. I guess my reality would be more like 3 moany teenagers with sore feet taking turns to moan or wind the toddler up. ‘Are we there yet?’ will be heard at least 100 times followed by I am hungry, I am thirsty and I want the loo. The restaurant would be more like Fawlty Towers and they would not get our order right. We would have a waiter from Europe who doesn’t grasp the English language and a rather undelightful bill at the end which I would not think worth it. Don’t you hate going to restaurants and not enjoying the food or the price and knowing you could have done a lot better at home both price wise and taste. Yep in reality no one would be happy! Lots of moans and groans and at the end of the night realising the hotel is bloody ages away and you will have to get 2 taxis because there is 6 of you or wait a hour and half for the one 7 seater in the whole frigging town. The taxi would get lost, tempers would be frayed and the kids would be in the double bed at the end of the night. Not the husband and I, oh no.. too much arguing!.

Every time my birthday comes around I have mixed emotions. the very first would be that hey it’s my birthday, a day all about ME! A day I won’t do housework nor laundry and will start drinking at 12 on the dot. I won’t be responsible for any children and I will get gifts galore and be thoroughly spoilt. A little childish I suppose but we can all live and dream. Then the second emotion comes in YUCK! another year older and where did my life go? yes it is really easy dwelling on how OLD you are rather than the 3rd emotion of the positives of how young you actually are. I mean, I am not getting my pension just yet and I do have a good few years left in this engine. Also in your forties I guess you get the ‘don’t care’ attitude and ‘I have nothing to prove’ philosophy or even the’sod it’ mindset . I don’t need to wear sexy clothes to get noticed, for one I don’t want to get noticed, leave it to the 20/30 year old sweet somethings. They can wear the shorts with the arse cheeks popping out and winking at you and shiver in winter wearing a tiny little dress which reveals EVERYTHING and no coat in sight. Yep give me a full length demure dress anytime and a large fur coat. Also at our age not only do we want comfort, we also want and can afford quality to. I can buy myself some lovely little treats and not care. There is definitely pluses to being in your forties. My eldest is 17 and a half so nearly a man and the others are teens so can practically (I say practically very loosely) look after themselves. Well they have not blown anything up JUST yet. Yes I feel like a young woman with just a 3-year-old to run after. why? did I go again? Because I wanted to and I feel 10 years younger in spirit (not in choice of attire) nope, my bum is firmly covered thank you very much and I ain’t getting any flesh out any time soon. Saying that I do like to wear a bikini on holiday? Should that be against the law at nearly 46? Hell no! If you feel comfortable wear what you bloody well want ON THE BEACH! Not sure if we are going abroad this year yet ( yes I am last but if we were I would get my wobbly bits out. I would walk to the beach with a dress on, take it off when we were safely sat down then without eye contact remove it, lie down without moving a muscle not blinking eyelid neither. When happily cooked. I would then wriggle back into dress then off we would pop, least amount of embarrassment. I have to say I have started swimming again so my body is getting back into shape. I have 7 lbs to lose which should not be a problem now I am now in the zone. When I am in ‘THE ZONE” nobody can stop me, alcohol and cakes taste poisonous and my appetite goes away so I end up having a smaller portion then the toddler. I am all or nothing. No middle ground. No cheating and all of a sudden I enjoy swimming and walking chosing to go mad on them both. The only thing with my zone is when I hit my target I forget the fit Gaby and go back to all I can eat, drink and do what I want cos I won’t gain weight….2 months later…. FAT! AGAIN! Think I would learn? Not this deliciously bossomey mama! Anyway this time I have promised myself I will learn and my swimming and eating healthy is for life as well as my alcohol consumption. We all know how easy it is to open a bottle of wine and throw caution to the calorie counting wind but not this time! what did Kate Moss say? ‘nothing taste better than skinny’ I must remember this! I must remember this!. Especially as I am late forties…. 4 years to 50 people! This shit is real! and you 20-year-old smirkers, it will happened to you because I felt like I was 20 a year ago….life A? When you get the knowledge you are too old to apply it… Why didn’t I tell my 20 something self that I looked fine and I wasn’t a podger! Oh to be more confident and to live life and be more patient!!…It all comes in the end!


Goodbye 45…It’s been emotional..😉😂😎






Well, my musings have come to an end. I hope I have not gone on too much or maybe I have not gone on enough? who knows? I don’t know so tell me! Any feedback warmly welcome, always looking to improve along the way. A like makes me smile as does a comment. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to come read my little blog. I hope to make you smile, even a smirk then my job right here is done! have the best weekend ever, spare a thought for this mum getting a year older Monday with another wrinkle or 2. or 3…;-)



Gabriella Wild Seeley

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie….


Good morning to all, whether you be a Facebooker, Instagrammer or Word press user. You all have one thing in common. You have come to see my blog this week. How completely marvellous. Well I hope you had a great fortnight enjoying this crazy sunshine and I hope you mixed up some fun with your daily grind. I for one did! It was mine and Wild Seeley’s 4th wedding anniversary on the 5th July so we decided we would go back to where it all happened. Brighton. After a manic morning sorting out the teens and sending them off to their various educational establishments with money in their pocket and choice of microwavable meals for 1 for dinner later in the fridge, we were then free for the day to go get us some reminiscing time. We hopped, skipped and jumped our way to St Pancras international to get the 10.52am to good old Brighton, one of our favourite places we would love to call home. All was fine trying to use the machine 5 times until we finally gave up and went to the office. Wild Seeley could be heard having a conversation of the unsavoury sort with said machine which I found a little peculiar and he may have even tried to give it a secret nudge. I do agree those bloody machines are supposed to save you time and it took us 20 mins longer but there is a time and place for his heavy-handedness and it is not now! Bloody machines, give me a sprightly smiley rail worker anytime I say and I don’t even mind their gritted teeth and really don’t wanna be here attitude . We were still in a good mood when we finally got on the train. River found the morning great. He loves going away for the day. It’s like a mini adventure where mum and dad give him anything he bloody well wants to keep him happy and not moany. We did unfortunately get on the slower train so it took a little longer but hey ho! We were now in Brighton and NOTHING is going to spoil the day!.. Our first port of call had to be All bar one which is next to the pavilion, our wedding venue. We have been back many times so it does kinda feel like a tradition and I ain’t gonna go changing anything anytime soon! Especially if it involves booze! So Wild Seeley went off to get us our refreshing pints and I sorted mr Toddles out. We always come prepared with baby as we want to have no tantrums and a nice smooth ride. When he was happily fed, watered and had all of his toys around him in unison, we sat there happily looking at the Pavilions spendidness and reminiscing about the day. Just a perfect moment really, River was just a twinkle in my husband’s eye 4 years ago, we were pleasantly surprised when he popped up. The wedding day! Oh what a day! From me being very unfashionably late and Wild Seeley in a state of panic to us fluffing our lines, rounded off with my husband being extremely drunk and me escorting him back to our Airbnb apartment. Yes such a special day. Best day ever! The beer went down very nicely and rather too quickly for me on our 4th anniversary perfect day but after that time we were off again walking through the Pavilion gardens with River running after the pigeons and nearly stepping on one at one point. Poor pigeons. We then went down to the kids playground on the beach front. River is at one in the water and quickly set about finding a friend to play with. He always finds one as he is a social butterfly. So all was well and going smoothly. Wild Seeley even found some shade in the water paddling pool area and sat down to relax. River had at least an hour of fun (time watched to the second) in the pool followed a lovely long walk along the promenade to bring on the golden nap hour. River still enjoys at nap which bodes well for mama and Dada so we can have our thirst quenching much-needed second pint. Relaxed is not the word and the day was going exactly to plan. Relaxed parents, asleep toddler, lovely cold beer sitting outside a bar on the beach. Chilled out music in the background and Wild Seeley whispering sweet nothings into my ear. HEAVEN. All was well with the world. Once the golden hour was up again seemingly timed this time by River to the second and pint drunk, Mr Toddles now awake so it was time for dinner. We went to a lovely Italian restaurant not far from the pavilion. It’s a Bella pasta restaurant but it looks more like an authentic Italian place which would not out-of-place in Venice. Just lovely, Italian music could be heard in the background with Italian speaking waiters that cannot speak a word of English. Yep. Could be in Italy. There was even a language related problem which made us feel like we were for sure in another country! When the bill came I, as a ‘avid token get me money’s worth’ member of the upstanding and want everything cheaper community got my email out. It clearly states 40 per off mains which took £10 off the bill and made me feel a little proud. So the waiter went off with my phone, Well, I hope it was the waiter or another phone lost and clearly not worth £10. He rectified the bill and my husband put his hand in his very long pocket. There were two bills on the table the old one without the discount and the new one. Which one did Wild Seeley pay? Which one do you bloody well think? The old most expensive one is what! So by the time he got his receipt I and the waiter could see the mistake. I soon told Wild Seeley the problem, only he said forget it, he felt silly asking to change it. I saw the waiter look like he won the frigging lottery. He had got a £15 tip rather than a fiver. He was most pleased and so polite to my silly slightly tipsy husband. I said no you have to tell them the mistake and he was adamant he didn’t want to. So I called the greedy finger licking waiter over and I told him the mistake. He then looked all innocently and said ohhhh, many apologies, yep his English was near on perfect THEN. He went to give Wild Seeley the £10 which I hastily grabbed and paraded it in front of them both before safely dispensing it in my purse! It’s mine. I told them both. They looked at each other my husband shrugged whilst the waiter gave me the evils then we were off! Into the night. Not before I spent a penny and took River with. why oh why he wants to accompany me to the smelly loos is no one’s business but off we went down some creaky old stairs into the darkness but not before I instructed Wild Seeley to gather up all our belongings, you know mums and dads there is always “stuff”. On our return we left to go on our long journey home. The train journey was fine and seemed as always quicker on the way back. There were a few delays but nothing major. when we got home the teens were mellowed out watching Netflix with a mountain of washing up and mess everywhere so I knew I was definitely home and my fairy tale day had ended. Not before I had emptied our bags and cleaned the remnants of the day. Wild Seeley had bought 2 large toy cars for River but they weren’t anywhere? ‘Where are the cars?’ I asked ‘in the bags?’ He murmured incoherently. ‘No they are not?’ ‘yes they are’ ‘come find them then you twerp’. ‘ok you female twerp’. After frantic rummaging, not there. ‘I did tell you to look everywhere’. ‘I did’, ‘ok but you missed two big cars’ ‘must have been hiding’. ‘course’. Bloody men. Never get them to do a simple job as you won’t come back with everything. Anyway they were not expensive and obviously only £10. Easy come easy go… We gained a tenner and lost a tenner. Always the bloody way. Next time mummy will be in charge. Honestly!


Some pics of the day, I didn’t manage to get many as we were having such fun and it would not be legal to show you the others……

So here we are again, the end of this weeks blog. I hope you have enjoyed it, any feedback good or bad welcome. A like is also a massive bonus. Well I hope you have a completely marvellous weekend. We didn’t win the World Cup but hey, you can’t win everything all of the time! Our boys did good. Sometimes it’s just the taking part! Which brings us fellow humans together. So there you have it, my thought for the day! So I will see you next week, it’s an appointment so don’t be late or you will be fined!….Heavily….

For now


Gabriella Wild Seeley

Tis the season to be married…


Hello Friday, I love you very much and I have been waiting for you. I have not had a busy week at all this week so I cannot say I have used lots of energy just felt like I was working on empty with my batteries on 1%. Why you say? Well I really can’t say! Has it been the amazing weather and thinking I am in Ibiza at an out-door rave? Drinking and eating whatever I bloody well want then feeling terribly out of sorts after? Or the little summer sniffles that took its turn on all members of the family knocking us a little side wards for a day or 2. I suppose it is a little of everything. I have had to have a few days off chilling and being a good girl. I have to realise that I am not 25 anymore. I have to be more sensible. Ok, fruit and veg here I come…Oh and Mr Evian you are going to be my constant companion on these red-hot days of the famous 2018 heat wave..

So part from sitting on my rather delicious and shapely deriérre what else has this Insta mummy been up to? Well, shall we talk about my cousin’s wedding. She got married Saturday and I was wedding photographer. I got some pretty decent shots. After arguments and drama on the saturday morning with the female teen, I decided to give up and let her stay home. I mean she would just ruin it in the mood she was in. So off we went, my 3 son’s in tow of variable ages and sizes. I have a small, medium and extra-large. They were in good spirits as was the husband. He had finished a painting and that’s when I like him best. He had a ‘I did it attitude’ and ‘can take on the world’ philosophy which makes him rather nice to be around. It was this attitude earlier that very morning where I definitely saw this positivity in the form of him throwing caution to the wind and buying whatever I needed…and what does any woman really need and can’t possibly do without? A new pretty dress and matching shoes is what! Then he will be a lucky that boy this eve and is on a definite promise. Everyone happy all round really.

Anyway we got to the venue very early but I did have to take a few test shots and make sure I had the right settings on the camera so that was all fine and dandy. When the groom turned up there were a few “don’t do it” but all in a jokey-like fashion. When the bride turned up she looked completely fabulous. She had a hairdresser and make up artist in and boy did it show. Her dress was a right corker. I believe ‘Ted bakers’ finest. Just a great start to the wedding. Made me feel all nostagic as it was our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday so it took me back to our wedding. Such fun I wanted to do it all over again. A blessing perhaps Wild Seeley next year when its our 5th year of having the old ball and chain. By this time I think wild seeleys can do attuide has deflated as all I could hear was mumbles of ‘how much’ and ‘ too much effort’. Well I didn’t think that was the attuitde honestly! Us ladies love a wedding and we like to feel special so watch this space…I am working on him. The thing about the wedding to hand was I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to take pics during the service and no one was around whilst all the guests stuffed into this room. As the bride and groom entered I was given the nods up to do exactly what I liked. Result. I snapped away whilst the registar fluffed her lines “Connie and Ronnie” instead of Connie and Robin was heard, whilst the packed out stadium roared with laughter. Personally I didn’t think it was that funny as Wild seeley and I are both guilty of messing up our lines and feeling a tad nervous. During the service as I had my work head on Mr Toddles could be heard running up and down and shouting mumma whilst the room was deadly silent drinking in the ceremony. It could of been a lot worse I suppose. He could of shouted his new most favourite and over used word out…”booby” and Boobies’ Which could of put the crowd off their lunch, I mean who wants to know about my knockers! River thinks he is super clever and always points them out whomever is around. Thanks son…

With the service over and my clever photo skills capturing the gorgeous pair around the nicer looking parts of the wedding venue, off we walked 5 minutes down the road to the elegantly decorated pub. Balloons and napkins wih ‘Connie and Robin’ were strewn around the place. Being greeted with a prossecco was nicely recieved as was the extra touches. Love hearts wrapped in a delicate pink bags, River saw to quite a few packets of those the little fatty.. My medium boy was getting a little bored as the eldest had friends and booze in common with 2 of the lads there. So middle boy went off back home happily with a fiver in his pocket and promises of a fizzy and chocolate chip cookies. By this time I think wild seeley started to look a bit wobbly. He was drinking pints thinking he can keep up with the more seasoned drinkers. He can’t, I can see him swaying in the wind and getting over zealous and cuddling every man in there. Honestly! can’t take him anywhere. I was being a little more sensible because I have the toddler to look after and get home in one piece. So I drank just a few voddies and diet coke. I have to say my pissed up husband did frighten me when he came in all guns ablazing and asked ‘where is River’? He threw me for a second so like a right ‘nana I ran outside the pub to where we were sitting previously only to turn round and say to him. Hubster, he is with me, near the dance floor with all my friends and sleeping happily in his pram. MEN. I for one, put him first and my mothering skilss are always there on form. He relaxed and decided he would slow down a bit down. We danced the night away feeling young again. What is it with music, just makes me so happy and carefree. A Madonna number “lucky star’ ended the eveing for us. All dancing in a circle round our handbags. Well it’s a wedding so has to be done. By this time River had woken up so I could squeeze a few ‘camera in a mirror’ snaps. we had choices of wigs, crazy sunglasess, gold chains and even a hula flower garland (they must of read last weeks blog) that was going round neck and maybe coming home. It didn’t. I got a nice pic of it anyway. On the train, it was all quiet. My eldest was tired, he had his eyes closed and most unusal face. I did take a pic. slightly peculiar and unnerving.. The hubby fell into a little rest eye and snores could be heard thoughout the carriage. I did have to give him a small kick in the foot. He didn’t realise. I just said it must of been the buggy. That walk through the station to home felt like ages with two beastly blokes by my side on the more damged side. My friend came home. when the baby was safely in his bed fast a sleep and the old man, all snuggley wuggly home in dream land, this mumma then could have a little night cap and let loose. Tales of laughter and fun were had by me and my friend. We stayed up for at least another hour reminsing about the old times and planning the new. Sometimes you don’t see your friends from one month to another but when you do, nothing changes. You know that is a good friend. Friend for life. I managed to move the now heavy corpse like body that was now my snoring husband. I happily settled into bed thinking about what a good day that was had by all. I had looked at the pics that eve and was happy with the ones I got…Good times! silly husband! Crazy life!


So photos of the special day. Hope you like. I was allowed to put the one of my tired son…..





Well my friend, this is the end. Another week, another blog. I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings. any feedback good or bad is also very welcome. A ‘like’ makes it all worth while. Well I am feeling better but a quiet weekend this weekend me thinks. This old girl can’t keep up with the young. I have realised that sometimes you got to be good, but then again we know it is fun to be naughty! So I ain’t gonna go changing anytime soon a thank you very much. So mixing it up is the best option. So for now mrs clean living is surfacing but watch ourt for mrs good time girl on the horizon and at some point. I think I am a little nuts so we will leave it there, although arn’t we all? see you net week you crazy cats.

For now


Gabriella Wild Seeley

What’s Amatter you…..


Good Morning! It’s Friday and about time to says me! It has been a bloody long week.. I think we should talk about last weekend not last night! Well last weekend was my father’s ‘Mr plain food’s’ birthday so we, as a family decided to go out to eat in a restaurant. An Italian restaurant was my father’s choice of cuisine. Why? you ask? Well he is from Italy, Naples to be precise. So that makes me half Italian (My name is Gabriella so people didn’t think I could speak English growing up). My mother is English-born and bred, as she loves to put it “born in the sound of the Bow bells’. My dad came over here as a child so doesn’t really get to speak much Italian around us (no he didn’t teach us and yes it is a shame) So when he gets the chance he gets all excitable and over zealous. He goes all out, I think he thinks he is ‘The god father’ but honestly it is lovely to see him in his element and it still intrigues me that English is not his first language. I love his tales of when he was just a boy he would hardly speak a word of my mother tongue and would struggle to get his intentions across. He doesn’t struggle now with his loud cockney Islington accent. I guess you would have to call somewhere home if you have lived here for 69 frigging years and only lived in Italy for 10. kinda makes sense. I often wonder if he didn’t come over what would have happened to my soul? Would I have been destined to be a boy, monkey, giraffe or butterfly? Even worse from somewhere really cold because I hate the cold. Honestly this soul was destined for hotter climates like Hawaii or Seychelles. I can see myself as an Hawaiian hula girl, I definitely have the coconuts for it already. I would grow my hair and give out flower necklaces, yep that would have suited me well, I would even get to met Tom Selleck aka Mr Magnum PI and we could live in his beach house. Dreams!! Maybe next life! Don’t tell @wildseeley the artist because I have already told him when we die, we will be holding hands on a beach entwined in each others bodies whilst drinking champagne and possibly in a sexual position? Well that sounds very romantic? Then his soul would pick my soul up in his two hands and we will enter the holy heavens of paradise and be together for ever..yada yada. Well you gotta keep the romance up especially at our age when half of our time is up on this very mortal coil. So Wildseeley or Magnum PI, whatevs…

My dad knows the Signor who owns the restaurant and arranges all of the family (22) that includes my niece’s new squeeze, minus the teenage daughter as she ‘vants to be alone’ in Greta Garbo’s best accent, an aunt and my cousin with her fiancée. So we find our table, which isn’t actually too hard as there is only another three 2 people tables left in this tiny little place. We sit down on our supersize table and realise that we are in a kind of shop front window for all to see. We sit for bloody ages as can you imagine, trying to get that many people in one place at a certain time whilst people walk past but not before having a good nosey in. It ain’t easy especially because my siblings live in different parts of the country. I can see the owner licking his lips and rubbing his hands together as we all take a seat. He then goes over to my dad and starts to speak in Italian. I thought that was nice, give an old man his dream of feeling like he is back in his mother land at the grand old age of 79, until I realised what they were bloody talking about. I looked in wonderment when we all starting getting little plates and thought dad had ordered for us. I don’t know about you but when I go out to eat I only get a main, this is because I don’t like two meals as I get full easily. Always been the same, possibly a cheap date you may think but then I can be known to make up for it with the booze. So when my dad said he had ordered some starters I wasn’t best pleased. When he said some starters I don’t know who he was kidding! He ordered enough for a feast for 3 frigging days. Calamari piled up high, a huge range of salamis and Mortadella, 3 different types olives and mozzarella, 4 pizza size garlic breads you name it, it kept coming out. The rest of the table by this time were getting merry and found it quite easy to woof down. I think they thought it was complimentary. Complimentary my arse later on when we were dividing the bill those ‘Complimentary starters’ cost £120. I nearly fell off my seat! Anyway, my dad’s day! He loves speaking Italian and all, personally I am wondering if he needs to flipping brush up on his mother tongue? What was he thinking? Although I have to say I did dig in, when in Rome and all that. I had a tiny weeny bit of the olives, the salamis and calamari as rude not too. I was feeling rather full when they asked what we wanted for mains so I got the chicken salad. Wild Seeley asked for the same and my boys had pasta and pizza. I have to say the food wasn’t terrible at the restaurant and the family all set to their meal in a tipsy, ravenous fashion. Most ate and finished and burped their way through their mains. I was glad it came out that end as we were in a confined space.. So after they put on a happy birthday song and we had some birthday cake, the dinner was nearly at an end. All was left was the bill. The dreaded bill. We all are scared of it. It’s like a monster and you don’t realise how large it is until you see it face to face then it roars at you and makes you go white and your knees Start to shake. Through gritted teeth and sweaty palms I took the bill and start to decipher it. As such a large family we agree to divide it fairly. What we all had plus the 10 per cent service charge. We all look like a bunch of deflated kids whom was promised Disney then ended up in Clacton when we leave the restaurant. Mutters can be heard of ‘how bloody much’ and ‘thought they were complimentary’ around the table as we all get up to leave. I think the only happy people were my dad who was oblivious and just happy to speak his own language to someone, anyone who could listen and understand and the restaurant owner who look like he had won the lottery. The greedy rotund, jollier then when we came in owner and my dad shook hands as we all gave him dirty looks then off we went into the sunset promising never to go there again and bloody birthdays…

It was my eldest sisters idea (I have 2) to go to Jamie Oliver’s for a night-cap. The older generation said it was their bed time and slippers and dressing gowns awaited them but we were all up for it. My teenagers wanted to go home and that was a good idea as they could go get food for my daughter so Wild Seeley and I decided ‘hell! why not, lets catch up with the ménage’. We all sat outside Jamie Oliver’s, louder and brasher then probably desired. We all enjoyed a wine or Aperol whilst sitting in the warm air soaking up the last sun rays of that day. It went on into the night when we decided enough was enough. A few photo opportunities later and some kissing and cuddling and promising not to leave it as long next time we headed home, just the husband, River and I. Or so we thought. My middle sister ‘the party animal’ had to get to the train which was Liverpool St and that was in our direction. After speaking loudly on the bus and being extremely merry but possibly less entertaining than we thought, I decided to ask the ‘party animal’ sister if she would like to pop up for a night-cap. Well it was the night and does it matter if we already had ‘a cap of the night’? Anyway we thought one more than we would part waves. Party animal, her hubs and my niece all popped up, be it very loudly to my flat. The daughter wasn’t completely amused to see us all but was polite enough about the old tipsy farts. For the first time in ages she didn’t moan about our rather fine state. She was pleased to see her cousin I think and by now wanted our company even if it was a little uncompos mentis than usual. Laughter and fun was had by all then it was time for them to catch their train but not before my bro in law eyed up one of the husbands prints. I said choose one well, he is family and I was feeling extremely generous! He chose the policeman with the banana. Excellent choice I thought. As we parted waves and they went away into the deep dark night we both agreed what a great day and night had by all and by this time the restaurant and the bill was a distant memory and we were just savouring the fun we had with the family. Just before bed time my phone pinged. ‘Who is that at this time of bloody night? your fancy man?” Wild Seeley muttered Half asleep. I checked my phone and the bro in law had sent a pic of wild Seeleys print in a number of unusual places from a phone box to it having it’s own seat on the train. Had he lost it in his drunken merriment? The next morning my sis confirmed to me the print was safely home perfectly intact, as was a police cone and a kebab half eaten. Well, my dad has only one birthday once a year so it was a crazy blast! Its my mum’s next month?…… lets hope she likes a macdonalds party instead definitely safer option me thinks….


Well I could not talk about it then not show you our day! so here it is…












Well, here we are I am afraid, at the end of my blog. I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings this week and any feedback good or bad always welcome. I do enjoy writing it so a ‘like’ shows me I should carrying on doing what I am doing. Anytime you want to write a message and say a Hello, well that would be marvellous as well. It’s nice to know your readers. Anyway I am off. I have a wedding to get ready for. As a forty something yes, it will take me 24 hours.. Got to put me face on and squeeze myself into my dress…if it still fits? Well that’s another story altogether right there but….

For now


Gabriella Wild Seeley

(formally Shoreditch_mum)

Some like it hot..


Well, hello again. Fancy meeting you here. How lovely you have come to peruse my weekly blog. ‘A Thank You Very Much’ is all there really is to say. What have I got to entertain you with this week? Shall we talk about last weekend. It was fun. I had my parents over for dinner Saturday. After many a dinner and many a year I have finally come to accept that my dad just doesn’t like my cooking, There I said it. At first it grated me because everyone LOVES my cooking but alas nope not ‘The Father’. I am not sure what it is specifically but everything I have given him he has politely left or just eaten the bare minimum. I once did a Spaghetti Bolognese as it is one of my specialities dishes so I thought I would be on to a winner. Everyone that taste my Spag Bog loves it and asks for the recipe. How can you wrong with such a world-famous dish and mine is bloody tasty. Honestly, my eldest son the connoisseur has had many a dish of that persuasion in many restaurants all over the world and he says mine is the best! So whats my dads problem? He will come over for dinner and say thank you almost begrudgingly then eat the spaghetti and leave the sauce. I mean that’s the best bit and it took me all bloody day to prepare and cook. I can cook up plain spaghetti in 10 frigging minutes ( which I may actually do next time). I then ask my mother for an explanation as she loves all my home cooked meals and licks the plate clean. She says he has always been the same. He has very plain tastes and even though he would turn his nose up at a plate of solo spaghetti he likes to ‘see’ the sauce but just won’t ever eat it. Very strange if you ask me. Anyway, when I invite him now I get @Wildseeley my husband to cook for him. I am not sure if I want to make him feel the same as my disappointed face or to see if my dad will eat other people’s food and not complain…. Well you never guess what? He bloody well eat the lot! and he actually said thanks and it was lovely! Never have I had those precious words muttered to me! Oh bloody no. What’s the hubby’s secret? Well I don’t know…. it was a shepherd’s pie. It was delicious but it is still a plain old shepherds pie which I will have you know I have done for the old fart before and what did he do? Left half of it and did not compliment me by no means… Talk about my harshest critic. Even the kids are nicer to me even when I have burnt something they are very positive about it and eat around the charred bits. So my hubby doesn’t mind cooking when the Grandad plain food comes over because at least it is not a waste of time.

That very evening, my friend has free spare tickets to a Megadeth concert at the 02 of all things. My son absolutely loves all that type of music so he went with the husband. They had a completely fabulous time whilst me and the other two teenagers scoffed popcorn and watched two really good films ‘Ghostbusters’ new version with the ladies and ‘Ride along 2′ with Mr Ice-cube back to back. Yep we were having a fabulous time as I do love a movie night. Anyway after numerous drunken WhatsApp videos from wildseeley and pics of them looking like proper Droogies, a good night was had by all. I think it took Wildseeley back to his youth. Well he was certainly acting like one. Guess what they were drinking 2 pinters? I mean 2 pinters? I can’t even manage one pint. Completely no pint envy there. I suggested they go again and quite soon as my boy was blown away with the concert… and my son had a good time to…;-)

Hangovers had by all I reckon Sunday fun day aka “fathers day”. As we had seen and entertained Mr Fussy pants my dad yesterday, The husband and I were free to take a jaunt down Brick lane and get a lovely curry. The teenagers were with their dad so all was fine and dandy in the world. Not that we had the weather mind. Bloody hell it just wasn’t that nice was it? Didn’t know whether to wear flip-flops and t-shirts or coats and tights. We manage to find a nice little bar just in Brick lane where you can sit outside and listen to the hustle and bustle of Brick lane whilst swaying to some indie music. We can actually have a conversation and it did feel quite like a real date. I saw my hung over husband in a new light. He seemed to have forgotten how important live music was but now was reawakened. Yep a definite spring in his step was noticed. I, on the other hand go out far more often so I look forward to movies nights in. We are not old yet and I reckon we will be doing whatever we bloody well want for as long as we can walk, dance and breathe. After a small stop for our outside beer, Our hot date continued to the curry house. There are so many in that area so we were spoilt for choice. Wild Seeley has fond memories of one of them and him going as a teenager in the 90’s so that was establishment of choice. It was all very nice and what we thought would be a lunch turned into an early dinner. By this time I was completely ravenous so I would have eaten your arm off. Now on his second beer and an empty stomach which only contained a boiled egg several hours before at breakfast, I can see my hubby starting to get a bit wobbly. He thought he was daddy big bollocks to be fair. He started to order near enough the whole contents of the menu and my moans of “that is too much’ and “you are ordering for only 2′ seem to fall on deaf ears. Even when I said ‘you are paying and I reckon you will regret this’ nothing. Nada .Zlich. He wasn’t having any of it. After the starter of onion bhajis with a stack of naan bread nearly as high as the ceiling and a choice of dips I never knew existed, out came the mains. I was kinda full already so was not looking forward to what seemed like a mountain of food. The waiter would announce the plates and just when I thought they had finished coming there would be more. My husband seemed oblivious to how much food was on the table, I reckon he thought he was King Arthur at the round table having a feast after battle. In between stuffing his face he would reminisce about the old times, not that the waiter seem to care. I don’t think he was alive 30 years ago let along even care to appreciate wildseeley’s tales of the restaurant. I just don’t think my husband could see the lack of enthusiasm the young lad had for his job so an old fart going on about the past had completely no interest for him. When we had finished as much as we could we had to take the rest in doggy bags which I could see wildseeley’s eyes light up and the brain thinking ‘I will have seconds later’. To be fair there was enough for thirds, fourths and fifths. I don’t think he was that happy when the bill came. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and I think his pulse elevated faster as he said he was feeling faint and needed water. I have never seen him sober up so fast. I tried hard but could not hide the smirk and ‘told you so’ eyes. When he said he won’t be going back there again and he has been mugged made me laugh. He wasn’t mugged. It was his fault in the first place! That was the longest 10 minute walk home with mutters of ‘my belly hurts, I am stuffed and I am skint, beans on toast for the next week!’. MEN…Happy bloody fathers day eh??

Monday was the England football match and usually I don’t have football on the telly. My husband isn’t a fan but changes into the biggest football hooligan ever when the World Cup starts. He puts it on the right channel 2 hours before the actual game starts and finds his seat. Armed with a 6 pack he flatly refuse to budge. He has been waiting for the England match and nothing is going to spoil it. Over his dead body. When it comes on he is shouting at my poor television with the toddler and teenagers looking on rather bemused. Never have they nor I see him so elevated. Thank god we won, I don’t know what would have happened if England didn’t win. Every goal was met with a holla that echoed around the flat and I sure the whole street could hear him. I was worried neighbours might knock on the door or ceiling to complain… Living in flats! flat life! You just can’t be THAT loud but I didn’t want to upset him especially as he had such a great weekend. I mean winner dinner with the in-laws followed by a heavy metal gig at the 02, then a marvellous curry and beer for Dad’s day. I let him have it. The smile on his face was priceless. I spent half my time checking Insta whilst the game was on although I tried to get into it a bit. You know, Comradely, support and all that. I was known to have shouted ‘good goal’ and all the other much-needed noises and grunts and all at the right time. So I have been an excellent wife! After the game and the half hour commentary on how they should not of had a free kick, he then said there is another game next week? really? I thought it would be a one-off not week in and week out? How long does it bloody last??? Am I going to cope with this much male domination and testosterone in the home? Help!…on the other hand….manly husband? happier wife? YUM maybe I can put up with a game or two more?


I had to show you my son with wildseeley at the 02. those crazy cats. Even these grainy pics are memories for these two..





The pics below were for father’s day. Mine and wildseeley’s hot date. We looked hot, we were at bit hot and the food was frigging hot…winner all round really!





River did not want to pose for a pic. That face!!Oh well, I received many lovely comments regarding the dress which was kinda special don’t you think??

Well that is that then, end of my blog for this week, my round-up of what has been happening in the world of little old me! . I hope you have enjoyed it. Any comments warmly welcome good or bad. I do enjoy writing it so a ‘like’ would be much appreciated. Well I hope you have the most fabulous weekend and do everything that I would do! Which is pretty much quite a bloody well lot! Thank you for coming over and I shall see you next week if you want to I mean, I hope so….

For now


Gabriella Wild Seeley

Brick Lane


Good Morning everyone! Friday has come round again and not a minute to soon.  I post my blog on a Friday because that is my absolute most favourite day of the week. Some could argue Saturday for the promise of a lie-in and all the devilish ‘naughty but nice’ behaviour in the evening  Even having Sunday fun day to recover but it has to be Friday for me because I suppose the promise or a sniff of the weekend is enough for me to get all crazy and excitable. Yep the mere thought of the weekend gets me going more than the actual weekend. A little like Christmas, you get all overzealous planning it and buying all the presents and spending way too much then when it comes, BOOM, over quicker than you can say ‘Santa baby!’. So, yep Friday is the day that my blog will always be on. I hope you all look forward to Friday and remember that is the day you get to hear from little ‘ole me.

So, what have we been up to this week? well apart from my name change that I will get to later we ventured out to Brick lane. Such an interesting and lively place. I love to go to see the buskers and smell all the delicious street food. It bloody makes my mouth water. From good old fish and chips to the more exotic curries or street foods, there is definitely something for everyone. You won’t be able to pass the street food without salivating and giving in to the temptation and don’t even get me started on the smell, YUM. Yep many a lunch @wildseeley the artist and I have had down there, never gets boring and never fails to impress the old taste buds. It is always packed full of a diverse crowd and everyone is always in a good mood. You can feel the electricity in the air.  Yep one of my all time favourite places. I mean I can’t put it into top five destinations as that would be Hawaii, Maldives, Caribbean, India and Thailand but ok it could be 6 or 7… although Ibiza is above it and Barcelona..OMG shall we just say I like it a lot as my list will just keep expanding…

The first thing to think about is the time you go. I reckon it is best around 1pm especially at that’s when the pub open and will be bustling which is always a massive bonus. So we have a routine really. We take a wander down to Spitalfields first and take a sneaky peak round but never seem to buy anything. Then we walk past Poppies the chip shop and are always amazed by the queue they always have with tourists. Honestly? don’t they have fish and chips in any other country? That could be a business opportunity right there… Then we walk down and go into the 2 indoor markets. So much to see and do but not before standing there watching the buskers. Last week was a beat box boy. He was fabulous. I took a video and gave him some change. I don’t even like drum and bass but can appreciate that boys linguistics skills.. The boy has skilzzs… I mean I often feel like joining the buskers on their make do pavement stage but I on the other hand would probably just look a little silly and I guess he is better than the farting raspberries I can achieve or the cartoon theme tunes I can remember. I guess it works for a young 20 something cool young boy but I would be laughed at as a forty something middle-aged woman. On to the pub then. A very large pint is always ingested. It looks as big as my head but I just cannot let my husband have the pint whilst I have a half. There would be too much pint envy. I would be eyeing up his and would finish mine way too quickly and even though he obviously is bigger than me I just can’t accept it. I have come to love my pints so pint it is… We then walk back towards the crazy crowd. Everything feels nicer when you have had a pint or two. Is it just me or when I have a pint I seem to wee 2 pints out. It is like my party trick. I am not sure my husband is as proud of me as I am as I always seem to have one too many trips to the throne room. When going to the loo the ‘OCD’ in me always makes me go to the same toilet. Even if I have to wait for it. I just don’t seem to be able to steer myself away from my comfortably familiar royal seat even when there are bloody loads! Crazy really but it is what it is. I don’t even try to fight my eccentricities anymore I just accept them and carry on with everyday life as I know it. I even count windows in buildings especially  when I am on the bus. I like to think its my bored mathematical brain not my lunaticism. I have a quick way of doing it so it doesn’t take up too much time. I count how many along then how many down and times it to get to exact windows in buildings. It is handy I know my times table so all is fine. Honestly I am not stupid but extremely efficient in my ‘OCD’ woes. At least I don’t have turn on and off taps and I do go under ladders…so all is completely normal and completely fine. Anyway. Now we are slightly loaded at Brick Lane, I do get a bit more braver and been even known to throw a few shapes when walking past the busker band. I like them even more than ‘boy beat box’ because it reminds me of my youth. Going to nightclubs and dancing the night away! not a care in the world!. I was a raver in the day! Yep I did own kickers and dungarees. I renamed my self Daisy (I seem awfully fond of changing my name) and would often go out with real flowers in my hair and sometimes even a hand-held bunch. When I think of it now they must have seen me coming. I must have looked like a right twit but at the time I was channeling my inner hippy. Gone are the days when I would be in an open air rave listening to mesmerizing emotive music and swaying to it, or jumping up and down doing the running man. whose idea was running man? I mean, it did keep me skinny as I would be at it for hours…Suppose you can call it my workout as a 17-year-old something or another. Don’t get me wrong I never had a whistle or white gloves cos that would be really stupid!..Just the flowers thank you very much! I would fall in and out of love every night out. I would meet my future husband giving everyone cuddles until the lights went on and I would realize my new man was toothless, had mousey red hair not blonde and looked like something out of  the Michael Jackson Thriller video. urgghh.. Never have you seen this ass move so quick or give out a wrong home phone number. Guess I would have to wait til next week for ‘the one’. Once I come back into the real world and realise I am not in Ibiza but standing in front of a band and that now I have their full attention. I decide to move to the side and not give them any more dancing treats. I am starving by this time after my pint and exercise and this is when we venture over and buy some street food. I kinda speed up when I have had a drink and very quick to finish my food. My then beady eyes start to eye up Wildseeley’s food but course he ain’t having none of it, he has cottoned on to my speed eating and stuffs his face even quicker.  When we are nicely stuffed and deliciously intoxicated we head home. We have had a great day and seen so much and right on our door step. Just great really. It’s like going to a party every sunday I cannot suggest it enough. You should venture out to our part of town the good old East end and sample it for yourselves. We may be forty but we ain’t dead yet. I still have my inner hippy child wanting to get out. When home I have to get on with normal boring stuff like making dinner, ironing , washing and bathing Mr Toddles but at least I have a smile on my face, a spring in my step and memories of the day we had. yep, always worth a trip to Brick lane.


How could I tell you about mr beat box boy and not show you? here he is a full fabulous minute and a £1 worth of his talent. wrong way round but it took too long to load!


Here is me with my pint! and the hubby! Always take pics when you are out and about because when you are old and grey and your memories go, you can go look at the pics and smile again, reminding yourself you did have fun and you had it at that very moment in time. River deffo enjoyed himself to.



Well here we are, My blog is over for the week. I hope you enjoyed it. It makes me happy writing it and that’s what it is all about. Any comments warmly welcome good or bad. Liking it on here makes me know I am doing a good job so very much appreciated. Feedback is thrown down our throats these days but it does help. I hope you all have the most fabulous weekend. It is the summer so rude not too! I am not sure what I am doing this sunday but if it is interesting or remotely funny it will be next weeks blog material!.  Happy fathers day to all your papa’s out there. I will see you next week! It’s an appointment. Don’t miss it or you will be fined heavily..

..And no I have not forgotten! my name change. I have changed from shoreditch_mum to mrs_wildseeley on Instagram. For a few reasons really. I am a little tired of getting inbox messages from men chatting me up so I wanted to make it clearer that I am taken. I mean, who wants a middle-aged woman with 4 kids anyway? Honestly! and also because wildseeley and I are a team, so it made sense that we joined forces. I am a very proud of all he has achieved with his art and he is very proud of me with my writing and photography! We had a soppy epiphany… we wanted the world to know how much we love and support each thats that! explained!

Anyway my lovelies,

For now


(ohh I like the sound of it, even if i have been it for 4 years now)

Gabriella Wild Seeley