Some like it hot..


Well, hello again. Fancy meeting you here. How lovely you have come to peruse my weekly blog. ‘A Thank You Very Much’ is all there really is to say. What have I got to entertain you with this week? Shall we talk about last weekend. It was fun. I had my parents over for dinner Saturday. After many a dinner and many a year I have finally come to accept that my dad just doesn’t like my cooking, There I said it. At first it grated me because everyone LOVES my cooking but alas nope not ‘The Father’. I am not sure what it is specifically but everything I have given him he has politely left or just eaten the bare minimum. I once did a Spaghetti Bolognese as it is one of my specialities dishes so I thought I would be on to a winner. Everyone that taste my Spag Bog loves it and asks for the recipe. How can you wrong with such a world-famous dish and mine is bloody tasty. Honestly, my eldest son the connoisseur has had many a dish of that persuasion in many restaurants all over the world and he says mine is the best! So whats my dads problem? He will come over for dinner and say thank you almost begrudgingly then eat the spaghetti and leave the sauce. I mean that’s the best bit and it took me all bloody day to prepare and cook. I can cook up plain spaghetti in 10 frigging minutes ( which I may actually do next time). I then ask my mother for an explanation as she loves all my home cooked meals and licks the plate clean. She says he has always been the same. He has very plain tastes and even though he would turn his nose up at a plate of solo spaghetti he likes to ‘see’ the sauce but just won’t ever eat it. Very strange if you ask me. Anyway, when I invite him now I get @Wildseeley my husband to cook for him. I am not sure if I want to make him feel the same as my disappointed face or to see if my dad will eat other people’s food and not complain…. Well you never guess what? He bloody well eat the lot! and he actually said thanks and it was lovely! Never have I had those precious words muttered to me! Oh bloody no. What’s the hubby’s secret? Well I don’t know…. it was a shepherd’s pie. It was delicious but it is still a plain old shepherds pie which I will have you know I have done for the old fart before and what did he do? Left half of it and did not compliment me by no means… Talk about my harshest critic. Even the kids are nicer to me even when I have burnt something they are very positive about it and eat around the charred bits. So my hubby doesn’t mind cooking when the Grandad plain food comes over because at least it is not a waste of time.

That very evening, my friend has free spare tickets to a Megadeth concert at the 02 of all things. My son absolutely loves all that type of music so he went with the husband. They had a completely fabulous time whilst me and the other two teenagers scoffed popcorn and watched two really good films ‘Ghostbusters’ new version with the ladies and ‘Ride along 2′ with Mr Ice-cube back to back. Yep we were having a fabulous time as I do love a movie night. Anyway after numerous drunken WhatsApp videos from wildseeley and pics of them looking like proper Droogies, a good night was had by all. I think it took Wildseeley back to his youth. Well he was certainly acting like one. Guess what they were drinking 2 pinters? I mean 2 pinters? I can’t even manage one pint. Completely no pint envy there. I suggested they go again and quite soon as my boy was blown away with the concert… and my son had a good time to…;-)

Hangovers had by all I reckon Sunday fun day aka “fathers day”. As we had seen and entertained Mr Fussy pants my dad yesterday, The husband and I were free to take a jaunt down Brick lane and get a lovely curry. The teenagers were with their dad so all was fine and dandy in the world. Not that we had the weather mind. Bloody hell it just wasn’t that nice was it? Didn’t know whether to wear flip-flops and t-shirts or coats and tights. We manage to find a nice little bar just in Brick lane where you can sit outside and listen to the hustle and bustle of Brick lane whilst swaying to some indie music. We can actually have a conversation and it did feel quite like a real date. I saw my hung over husband in a new light. He seemed to have forgotten how important live music was but now was reawakened. Yep a definite spring in his step was noticed. I, on the other hand go out far more often so I look forward to movies nights in. We are not old yet and I reckon we will be doing whatever we bloody well want for as long as we can walk, dance and breathe. After a small stop for our outside beer, Our hot date continued to the curry house. There are so many in that area so we were spoilt for choice. Wild Seeley has fond memories of one of them and him going as a teenager in the 90’s so that was establishment of choice. It was all very nice and what we thought would be a lunch turned into an early dinner. By this time I was completely ravenous so I would have eaten your arm off. Now on his second beer and an empty stomach which only contained a boiled egg several hours before at breakfast, I can see my hubby starting to get a bit wobbly. He thought he was daddy big bollocks to be fair. He started to order near enough the whole contents of the menu and my moans of “that is too much’ and “you are ordering for only 2′ seem to fall on deaf ears. Even when I said ‘you are paying and I reckon you will regret this’ nothing. Nada .Zlich. He wasn’t having any of it. After the starter of onion bhajis with a stack of naan bread nearly as high as the ceiling and a choice of dips I never knew existed, out came the mains. I was kinda full already so was not looking forward to what seemed like a mountain of food. The waiter would announce the plates and just when I thought they had finished coming there would be more. My husband seemed oblivious to how much food was on the table, I reckon he thought he was King Arthur at the round table having a feast after battle. In between stuffing his face he would reminisce about the old times, not that the waiter seem to care. I don’t think he was alive 30 years ago let along even care to appreciate wildseeley’s tales of the restaurant. I just don’t think my husband could see the lack of enthusiasm the young lad had for his job so an old fart going on about the past had completely no interest for him. When we had finished as much as we could we had to take the rest in doggy bags which I could see wildseeley’s eyes light up and the brain thinking ‘I will have seconds later’. To be fair there was enough for thirds, fourths and fifths. I don’t think he was that happy when the bill came. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and I think his pulse elevated faster as he said he was feeling faint and needed water. I have never seen him sober up so fast. I tried hard but could not hide the smirk and ‘told you so’ eyes. When he said he won’t be going back there again and he has been mugged made me laugh. He wasn’t mugged. It was his fault in the first place! That was the longest 10 minute walk home with mutters of ‘my belly hurts, I am stuffed and I am skint, beans on toast for the next week!’. MEN…Happy bloody fathers day eh??

Monday was the England football match and usually I don’t have football on the telly. My husband isn’t a fan but changes into the biggest football hooligan ever when the World Cup starts. He puts it on the right channel 2 hours before the actual game starts and finds his seat. Armed with a 6 pack he flatly refuse to budge. He has been waiting for the England match and nothing is going to spoil it. Over his dead body. When it comes on he is shouting at my poor television with the toddler and teenagers looking on rather bemused. Never have they nor I see him so elevated. Thank god we won, I don’t know what would have happened if England didn’t win. Every goal was met with a holla that echoed around the flat and I sure the whole street could hear him. I was worried neighbours might knock on the door or ceiling to complain… Living in flats! flat life! You just can’t be THAT loud but I didn’t want to upset him especially as he had such a great weekend. I mean winner dinner with the in-laws followed by a heavy metal gig at the 02, then a marvellous curry and beer for Dad’s day. I let him have it. The smile on his face was priceless. I spent half my time checking Insta whilst the game was on although I tried to get into it a bit. You know, Comradely, support and all that. I was known to have shouted ‘good goal’ and all the other much-needed noises and grunts and all at the right time. So I have been an excellent wife! After the game and the half hour commentary on how they should not of had a free kick, he then said there is another game next week? really? I thought it would be a one-off not week in and week out? How long does it bloody last??? Am I going to cope with this much male domination and testosterone in the home? Help!…on the other hand….manly husband? happier wife? YUM maybe I can put up with a game or two more?


I had to show you my son with wildseeley at the 02. those crazy cats. Even these grainy pics are memories for these two..





The pics below were for father’s day. Mine and wildseeley’s hot date. We looked hot, we were at bit hot and the food was frigging hot…winner all round really!





River did not want to pose for a pic. That face!!Oh well, I received many lovely comments regarding the dress which was kinda special don’t you think??

Well that is that then, end of my blog for this week, my round-up of what has been happening in the world of little old me! . I hope you have enjoyed it. Any comments warmly welcome good or bad. I do enjoy writing it so a ‘like’ would be much appreciated. Well I hope you have the most fabulous weekend and do everything that I would do! Which is pretty much quite a bloody well lot! Thank you for coming over and I shall see you next week if you want to I mean, I hope so….

For now


Gabriella Wild Seeley


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