Tis the season to be married…


Hello Friday, I love you very much and I have been waiting for you. I have not had a busy week at all this week so I cannot say I have used lots of energy just felt like I was working on empty with my batteries on 1%. Why you say? Well I really can’t say! Has it been the amazing weather and thinking I am in Ibiza at an out-door rave? Drinking and eating whatever I bloody well want then feeling terribly out of sorts after? Or the little summer sniffles that took its turn on all members of the family knocking us a little side wards for a day or 2. I suppose it is a little of everything. I have had to have a few days off chilling and being a good girl. I have to realise that I am not 25 anymore. I have to be more sensible. Ok, fruit and veg here I come…Oh and Mr Evian you are going to be my constant companion on these red-hot days of the famous 2018 heat wave..

So part from sitting on my rather delicious and shapely deriérre what else has this Insta mummy been up to? Well, shall we talk about my cousin’s wedding. She got married Saturday and I was wedding photographer. I got some pretty decent shots. After arguments and drama on the saturday morning with the female teen, I decided to give up and let her stay home. I mean she would just ruin it in the mood she was in. So off we went, my 3 son’s in tow of variable ages and sizes. I have a small, medium and extra-large. They were in good spirits as was the husband. He had finished a painting and that’s when I like him best. He had a ‘I did it attitude’ and ‘can take on the world’ philosophy which makes him rather nice to be around. It was this attitude earlier that very morning where I definitely saw this positivity in the form of him throwing caution to the wind and buying whatever I needed…and what does any woman really need and can’t possibly do without? A new pretty dress and matching shoes is what! Then he will be a lucky that boy this eve and is on a definite promise. Everyone happy all round really.

Anyway we got to the venue very early but I did have to take a few test shots and make sure I had the right settings on the camera so that was all fine and dandy. When the groom turned up there were a few “don’t do it” but all in a jokey-like fashion. When the bride turned up she looked completely fabulous. She had a hairdresser and make up artist in and boy did it show. Her dress was a right corker. I believe ‘Ted bakers’ finest. Just a great start to the wedding. Made me feel all nostagic as it was our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday so it took me back to our wedding. Such fun I wanted to do it all over again. A blessing perhaps Wild Seeley next year when its our 5th year of having the old ball and chain. By this time I think wild seeleys can do attuide has deflated as all I could hear was mumbles of ‘how much’ and ‘ too much effort’. Well I didn’t think that was the attuitde honestly! Us ladies love a wedding and we like to feel special so watch this space…I am working on him. The thing about the wedding to hand was I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to take pics during the service and no one was around whilst all the guests stuffed into this room. As the bride and groom entered I was given the nods up to do exactly what I liked. Result. I snapped away whilst the registar fluffed her lines “Connie and Ronnie” instead of Connie and Robin was heard, whilst the packed out stadium roared with laughter. Personally I didn’t think it was that funny as Wild seeley and I are both guilty of messing up our lines and feeling a tad nervous. During the service as I had my work head on Mr Toddles could be heard running up and down and shouting mumma whilst the room was deadly silent drinking in the ceremony. It could of been a lot worse I suppose. He could of shouted his new most favourite and over used word out…”booby” and Boobies’ Which could of put the crowd off their lunch, I mean who wants to know about my knockers! River thinks he is super clever and always points them out whomever is around. Thanks son…

With the service over and my clever photo skills capturing the gorgeous pair around the nicer looking parts of the wedding venue, off we walked 5 minutes down the road to the elegantly decorated pub. Balloons and napkins wih ‘Connie and Robin’ were strewn around the place. Being greeted with a prossecco was nicely recieved as was the extra touches. Love hearts wrapped in a delicate pink bags, River saw to quite a few packets of those the little fatty.. My medium boy was getting a little bored as the eldest had friends and booze in common with 2 of the lads there. So middle boy went off back home happily with a fiver in his pocket and promises of a fizzy and chocolate chip cookies. By this time I think wild seeley started to look a bit wobbly. He was drinking pints thinking he can keep up with the more seasoned drinkers. He can’t, I can see him swaying in the wind and getting over zealous and cuddling every man in there. Honestly! can’t take him anywhere. I was being a little more sensible because I have the toddler to look after and get home in one piece. So I drank just a few voddies and diet coke. I have to say my pissed up husband did frighten me when he came in all guns ablazing and asked ‘where is River’? He threw me for a second so like a right ‘nana I ran outside the pub to where we were sitting previously only to turn round and say to him. Hubster, he is with me, near the dance floor with all my friends and sleeping happily in his pram. MEN. I for one, put him first and my mothering skilss are always there on tip.top form. He relaxed and decided he would slow down a bit down. We danced the night away feeling young again. What is it with music, just makes me so happy and carefree. A Madonna number “lucky star’ ended the eveing for us. All dancing in a circle round our handbags. Well it’s a wedding so has to be done. By this time River had woken up so I could squeeze a few ‘camera in a mirror’ snaps. we had choices of wigs, crazy sunglasess, gold chains and even a hula flower garland (they must of read last weeks blog) that was going round neck and maybe coming home. It didn’t. I got a nice pic of it anyway. On the train, it was all quiet. My eldest was tired, he had his eyes closed and most unusal face. I did take a pic. slightly peculiar and unnerving.. The hubby fell into a little rest eye and snores could be heard thoughout the carriage. I did have to give him a small kick in the foot. He didn’t realise. I just said it must of been the buggy. That walk through the station to home felt like ages with two beastly blokes by my side on the more damged side. My friend came home. when the baby was safely in his bed fast a sleep and the old man, all snuggley wuggly home in dream land, this mumma then could have a little night cap and let loose. Tales of laughter and fun were had by me and my friend. We stayed up for at least another hour reminsing about the old times and planning the new. Sometimes you don’t see your friends from one month to another but when you do, nothing changes. You know that is a good friend. Friend for life. I managed to move the now heavy corpse like body that was now my snoring husband. I happily settled into bed thinking about what a good day that was had by all. I had looked at the pics that eve and was happy with the ones I got…Good times! silly husband! Crazy life!


So photos of the special day. Hope you like. I was allowed to put the one of my tired son…..





Well my friend, this is the end. Another week, another blog. I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings. any feedback good or bad is also very welcome. A ‘like’ makes it all worth while. Well I am feeling better but a quiet weekend this weekend me thinks. This old girl can’t keep up with the young. I have realised that sometimes you got to be good, but then again we know it is fun to be naughty! So I ain’t gonna go changing anytime soon a thank you very much. So mixing it up is the best option. So for now mrs clean living is surfacing but watch ourt for mrs good time girl on the horizon and at some point. I think I am a little nuts so we will leave it there, although arn’t we all? see you net week you crazy cats.

For now


Gabriella Wild Seeley


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