When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie….


Good morning to all, whether you be a Facebooker, Instagrammer or Word press user. You all have one thing in common. You have come to see my blog this week. How completely marvellous. Well I hope you had a great fortnight enjoying this crazy sunshine and I hope you mixed up some fun with your daily grind. I for one did! It was mine and Wild Seeley’s 4th wedding anniversary on the 5th July so we decided we would go back to where it all happened. Brighton. After a manic morning sorting out the teens and sending them off to their various educational establishments with money in their pocket and choice of microwavable meals for 1 for dinner later in the fridge, we were then free for the day to go get us some reminiscing time. We hopped, skipped and jumped our way to St Pancras international to get the 10.52am to good old Brighton, one of our favourite places we would love to call home. All was fine trying to use the machine 5 times until we finally gave up and went to the office. Wild Seeley could be heard having a conversation of the unsavoury sort with said machine which I found a little peculiar and he may have even tried to give it a secret nudge. I do agree those bloody machines are supposed to save you time and it took us 20 mins longer but there is a time and place for his heavy-handedness and it is not now! Bloody machines, give me a sprightly smiley rail worker anytime I say and I don’t even mind their gritted teeth and really don’t wanna be here attitude . We were still in a good mood when we finally got on the train. River found the morning great. He loves going away for the day. It’s like a mini adventure where mum and dad give him anything he bloody well wants to keep him happy and not moany. We did unfortunately get on the slower train so it took a little longer but hey ho! We were now in Brighton and NOTHING is going to spoil the day!.. Our first port of call had to be All bar one which is next to the pavilion, our wedding venue. We have been back many times so it does kinda feel like a tradition and I ain’t gonna go changing anything anytime soon! Especially if it involves booze! So Wild Seeley went off to get us our refreshing pints and I sorted mr Toddles out. We always come prepared with baby as we want to have no tantrums and a nice smooth ride. When he was happily fed, watered and had all of his toys around him in unison, we sat there happily looking at the Pavilions spendidness and reminiscing about the day. Just a perfect moment really, River was just a twinkle in my husband’s eye 4 years ago, we were pleasantly surprised when he popped up. The wedding day! Oh what a day! From me being very unfashionably late and Wild Seeley in a state of panic to us fluffing our lines, rounded off with my husband being extremely drunk and me escorting him back to our Airbnb apartment. Yes such a special day. Best day ever! The beer went down very nicely and rather too quickly for me on our 4th anniversary perfect day but after that time we were off again walking through the Pavilion gardens with River running after the pigeons and nearly stepping on one at one point. Poor pigeons. We then went down to the kids playground on the beach front. River is at one in the water and quickly set about finding a friend to play with. He always finds one as he is a social butterfly. So all was well and going smoothly. Wild Seeley even found some shade in the water paddling pool area and sat down to relax. River had at least an hour of fun (time watched to the second) in the pool followed a lovely long walk along the promenade to bring on the golden nap hour. River still enjoys at nap which bodes well for mama and Dada so we can have our thirst quenching much-needed second pint. Relaxed is not the word and the day was going exactly to plan. Relaxed parents, asleep toddler, lovely cold beer sitting outside a bar on the beach. Chilled out music in the background and Wild Seeley whispering sweet nothings into my ear. HEAVEN. All was well with the world. Once the golden hour was up again seemingly timed this time by River to the second and pint drunk, Mr Toddles now awake so it was time for dinner. We went to a lovely Italian restaurant not far from the pavilion. It’s a Bella pasta restaurant but it looks more like an authentic Italian place which would not out-of-place in Venice. Just lovely, Italian music could be heard in the background with Italian speaking waiters that cannot speak a word of English. Yep. Could be in Italy. There was even a language related problem which made us feel like we were for sure in another country! When the bill came I, as a ‘avid token get me money’s worth’ member of the upstanding and want everything cheaper community got my email out. It clearly states 40 per off mains which took £10 off the bill and made me feel a little proud. So the waiter went off with my phone, Well, I hope it was the waiter or another phone lost and clearly not worth £10. He rectified the bill and my husband put his hand in his very long pocket. There were two bills on the table the old one without the discount and the new one. Which one did Wild Seeley pay? Which one do you bloody well think? The old most expensive one is what! So by the time he got his receipt I and the waiter could see the mistake. I soon told Wild Seeley the problem, only he said forget it, he felt silly asking to change it. I saw the waiter look like he won the frigging lottery. He had got a £15 tip rather than a fiver. He was most pleased and so polite to my silly slightly tipsy husband. I said no you have to tell them the mistake and he was adamant he didn’t want to. So I called the greedy finger licking waiter over and I told him the mistake. He then looked all innocently and said ohhhh, many apologies, yep his English was near on perfect THEN. He went to give Wild Seeley the £10 which I hastily grabbed and paraded it in front of them both before safely dispensing it in my purse! It’s mine. I told them both. They looked at each other my husband shrugged whilst the waiter gave me the evils then we were off! Into the night. Not before I spent a penny and took River with. why oh why he wants to accompany me to the smelly loos is no one’s business but off we went down some creaky old stairs into the darkness but not before I instructed Wild Seeley to gather up all our belongings, you know mums and dads there is always “stuff”. On our return we left to go on our long journey home. The train journey was fine and seemed as always quicker on the way back. There were a few delays but nothing major. when we got home the teens were mellowed out watching Netflix with a mountain of washing up and mess everywhere so I knew I was definitely home and my fairy tale day had ended. Not before I had emptied our bags and cleaned the remnants of the day. Wild Seeley had bought 2 large toy cars for River but they weren’t anywhere? ‘Where are the cars?’ I asked ‘in the bags?’ He murmured incoherently. ‘No they are not?’ ‘yes they are’ ‘come find them then you twerp’. ‘ok you female twerp’. After frantic rummaging, not there. ‘I did tell you to look everywhere’. ‘I did’, ‘ok but you missed two big cars’ ‘must have been hiding’. ‘course’. Bloody men. Never get them to do a simple job as you won’t come back with everything. Anyway they were not expensive and obviously only £10. Easy come easy go… We gained a tenner and lost a tenner. Always the bloody way. Next time mummy will be in charge. Honestly!


Some pics of the day, I didn’t manage to get many as we were having such fun and it would not be legal to show you the others……

So here we are again, the end of this weeks blog. I hope you have enjoyed it, any feedback good or bad welcome. A like is also a massive bonus. Well I hope you have a completely marvellous weekend. We didn’t win the World Cup but hey, you can’t win everything all of the time! Our boys did good. Sometimes it’s just the taking part! Which brings us fellow humans together. So there you have it, my thought for the day! So I will see you next week, it’s an appointment so don’t be late or you will be fined!….Heavily….

For now


Gabriella Wild Seeley


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