Summer Holidays…


Well a jolly hello there, I Hope you are enjoying the wonderfully tropical weather we are having, I certainly am. I am feeling rather laid back and calm..I won’t be in a week or two’s time as the summer holidays are here again. I used to look forward to them so much for the out of routine slow days and getting up and doing what we want vibe. Now it sends shivers down my spine as I know it will be mayhem and arguments galore. Oh what happened to the good old days when the kids were young and carefree and did anything I asked. Not a grumble or moan could be heard! Just went along with everything I suggested and even dare I say it? Enjoyed themselves. I understand kids grow up, way too quickly if you ask me but the once small children that I knew and loved replaced with loud, opinionated and rude rebellious teenagers that are taller and louder than me just isn’t fair. For one I think they should not be allowed to grow until they are at least 16. Then, only then if they have only positive things to say rather than negative. I know it is good yada yada to let the kids have their own interests and opinions, indeed I did bring them up to be this way but the reality of my hippy type values are they just won’t do anything they don’t want to and they stay strong to their values. ‘I reckon we could go on a trip to Brighton for my birthday’, I say the week leading up to my birthday. The looks and mumbles of ‘I don’t wanna’ could be heard from all 3 of the teens mouthes. ‘We get bored there’. ‘I don’t care and it is my birthday?’ came from me! So surely I get the right to choose where we go and surely they just have to suck it up?. Right?.Nope, they are not going unless it is somewhere else. Bloody cheek, just wait til it’s their birthday I won’t be going neither, even if it is somewhere cheap and really good. We can all be fussy can’t we!. Anyway they will be happy to know I have settled on Bournemouth overnight. We have been there before and it is bloody lovely especially with this weather. I can imagine walking along the lovely vast sandy beaches with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face. Walking around the town centre and taking in all what Bournemouth has to offer. Yes a magical calm time I would hope, choosing a little authentic restaurant serving tasty cuisine with friendly waiters and even friendlier prices. We would finish the day with a walk along the beach then off to our cosy little quaint hotel 5 minutes walk away obviously. Who wants to bother with taxis or buses after a whimsical day out. I guess my reality would be more like 3 moany teenagers with sore feet taking turns to moan or wind the toddler up. ‘Are we there yet?’ will be heard at least 100 times followed by I am hungry, I am thirsty and I want the loo. The restaurant would be more like Fawlty Towers and they would not get our order right. We would have a waiter from Europe who doesn’t grasp the English language and a rather undelightful bill at the end which I would not think worth it. Don’t you hate going to restaurants and not enjoying the food or the price and knowing you could have done a lot better at home both price wise and taste. Yep in reality no one would be happy! Lots of moans and groans and at the end of the night realising the hotel is bloody ages away and you will have to get 2 taxis because there is 6 of you or wait a hour and half for the one 7 seater in the whole frigging town. The taxi would get lost, tempers would be frayed and the kids would be in the double bed at the end of the night. Not the husband and I, oh no.. too much arguing!.

Every time my birthday comes around I have mixed emotions. the very first would be that hey it’s my birthday, a day all about ME! A day I won’t do housework nor laundry and will start drinking at 12 on the dot. I won’t be responsible for any children and I will get gifts galore and be thoroughly spoilt. A little childish I suppose but we can all live and dream. Then the second emotion comes in YUCK! another year older and where did my life go? yes it is really easy dwelling on how OLD you are rather than the 3rd emotion of the positives of how young you actually are. I mean, I am not getting my pension just yet and I do have a good few years left in this engine. Also in your forties I guess you get the ‘don’t care’ attitude and ‘I have nothing to prove’ philosophy or even the’sod it’ mindset . I don’t need to wear sexy clothes to get noticed, for one I don’t want to get noticed, leave it to the 20/30 year old sweet somethings. They can wear the shorts with the arse cheeks popping out and winking at you and shiver in winter wearing a tiny little dress which reveals EVERYTHING and no coat in sight. Yep give me a full length demure dress anytime and a large fur coat. Also at our age not only do we want comfort, we also want and can afford quality to. I can buy myself some lovely little treats and not care. There is definitely pluses to being in your forties. My eldest is 17 and a half so nearly a man and the others are teens so can practically (I say practically very loosely) look after themselves. Well they have not blown anything up JUST yet. Yes I feel like a young woman with just a 3-year-old to run after. why? did I go again? Because I wanted to and I feel 10 years younger in spirit (not in choice of attire) nope, my bum is firmly covered thank you very much and I ain’t getting any flesh out any time soon. Saying that I do like to wear a bikini on holiday? Should that be against the law at nearly 46? Hell no! If you feel comfortable wear what you bloody well want ON THE BEACH! Not sure if we are going abroad this year yet ( yes I am last but if we were I would get my wobbly bits out. I would walk to the beach with a dress on, take it off when we were safely sat down then without eye contact remove it, lie down without moving a muscle not blinking eyelid neither. When happily cooked. I would then wriggle back into dress then off we would pop, least amount of embarrassment. I have to say I have started swimming again so my body is getting back into shape. I have 7 lbs to lose which should not be a problem now I am now in the zone. When I am in ‘THE ZONE” nobody can stop me, alcohol and cakes taste poisonous and my appetite goes away so I end up having a smaller portion then the toddler. I am all or nothing. No middle ground. No cheating and all of a sudden I enjoy swimming and walking chosing to go mad on them both. The only thing with my zone is when I hit my target I forget the fit Gaby and go back to all I can eat, drink and do what I want cos I won’t gain weight….2 months later…. FAT! AGAIN! Think I would learn? Not this deliciously bossomey mama! Anyway this time I have promised myself I will learn and my swimming and eating healthy is for life as well as my alcohol consumption. We all know how easy it is to open a bottle of wine and throw caution to the calorie counting wind but not this time! what did Kate Moss say? ‘nothing taste better than skinny’ I must remember this! I must remember this!. Especially as I am late forties…. 4 years to 50 people! This shit is real! and you 20-year-old smirkers, it will happened to you because I felt like I was 20 a year ago….life A? When you get the knowledge you are too old to apply it… Why didn’t I tell my 20 something self that I looked fine and I wasn’t a podger! Oh to be more confident and to live life and be more patient!!…It all comes in the end!


Goodbye 45…It’s been emotional..πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž






Well, my musings have come to an end. I hope I have not gone on too much or maybe I have not gone on enough? who knows? I don’t know so tell me! Any feedback warmly welcome, always looking to improve along the way. A like makes me smile as does a comment. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to come read my little blog. I hope to make you smile, even a smirk then my job right here is done! have the best weekend ever, spare a thought for this mum getting a year older Monday with another wrinkle or 2. or 3…;-)



Gabriella Wild Seeley


Author: mrs_wildseeley

Hey There! I am a blogger. I blog about my life as a mum, a wife and just little ole me! I hope you find my musings amusing.. I just love to write.

2 thoughts on “Summer Holidays…”

  1. Loved reading this and totally get it!
    On hols at the mo and my 13 year old is whining so much we have to constantly re- phrase what we are doing i.e. forest visit instead of walk, nipping to the arcade instead of pottering around Tenby at night!
    Anyway the main thing is you look amazing for your mid 40’s (I hope I look as good when I hit 45 next Feb- I nearly wrote 44 then- don’t even know how bloody old I am! πŸ˜‚)
    Hope your hols and birthday are great and try and ignore those fun sponges who whine about the agenda. Xxxx


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