HEY!!!! Well, I am afraid  there won’t be any blogs for a few weeks as I am changing a few things, you know mixing it up a little because I am such a crazy cat! and I just CAN..

Gone will be this blog and I am replacing it with

Word press users…The site is live so you can follow now!

Face bookers…you will just click on link as usual

Instagrammers… I will change the link in my bio

It will be a fresh start. There is no point renewing this site so I am off…

I hope to be adding to my weekly blog hopefully making it new and improved…..bigger and better…. fresh and inspiring? Well you will have to come over and decide for your jolly well self!..

I hope all my followers will join me on my epic new adventure?.. you will see in a few weeks when the holidays are over and life as we know  resumes…

Well you will just have to wait and see…..

For now


Gabriella wild seeley

soon to be mrs_wildseeley (on here)

Blimey I have more titles than the queen…..


Author: mrs_wildseeley

Hey There! I am a blogger. I blog about my life as a mum, a wife and just little ole me! I hope you find my musings amusing.. I just love to write.

2 thoughts on “Revamp!..”

  1. Thank u for following me on Insta! Just been reading your blog and it’s brilliant! Can’t wait to see what the revamp brings. Enjoy the rest of Summer, Odette x
    P.s. apologies if I have done this incorrectly – I am a total newbie with this blogging stuff and only managed to get a feel for Instagram because my 15 yr old demo’d It for me 😱 anyway all the best


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